Step up and join your community as a member of Exhibit J Chai Society by contributing just $18 a month!

Our Exhibit J Chai Society members are part of the family that keeps us going - join us and help support the work we do. By giving recurring monthly contributions, Exhibit J Chai Society members ensure that Exhibit J's recurring learning, social, Shabbat and Holidays events keep on happening. Your monthly gift to Exhibit J allows us to continue building a vibrant Jewish community on Staten Island.

For Monthly donations of $36 and up you receive free tickets to all Exhibit J Connect events!

Become an Elite Chai member by contributing $72 or more every month. Members will be invited to an exclusive dinner that will showcase the fruits of our partnership.

Your name (unless you prefer to stay anonymous) and gift amount will be displayed on this page and in the Exhibit J Center and its branches. You can increase, decrease, or cancel your subscription at any time.

For more information, contact us at

Chai Society

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Elite Chai Society

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You may enter any amount (must be more than $18/month or $216 to be a Chai Society Member) by clicking "Dontate Today" below:


From the bottom of the hearts of all the people you touch with your generosity, thank you!

$234+ A Month

David S. & R.R.

$180+ A Month

Abraham Feltman

$90+ A Month

Bentzion G.
Eli & Rivka Danan
Moshe & Esther Kundin

$72+ A Month

Rabbi David & Rina Chandalov
Max Avshalumov

$36+ A Month

Joshua Dobkin
Rabbi Avraham Semmel
Moshe Rudy
Matuszewicz Family
Ilya Lipsman
Rabbi Aron & Devora Fromowitz
Benjamin Berlin
Aleks & Yelena Shats
Meir Freud
David Kleyman
Daniel Kazan
Ilya Lurye

$18+ A Month

Talya Yelizarov
Yehoshua Fromowitz
Aryeh Pearlman
Binyomin Wahrhaftig
Boruch Bobrysh
Moshe Goldberg
Michael DeMartino
Rabbi and Mrs Chaim Juni
Adiel Weiss
Rabbi Dovid Fromowitz
Gabe Goldfine
Michelle Petrovski
Leon Goldberg
Brian Gandlin
Anna Komar
Chaim Shenkman
Elana Shaulova
Jordan & Annie
Daneet Atary
Yitzchak M.
Victoria Prevosti
Rabbi Yosef Oppenheimer
Daniel Shaool
Ron Peretz
Michael & Laura Grella
Chaim & Rita Storch
Arkadiy Isakov
Island Cafe & Sushi

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